Become a more inspirational and resonant leader by fully aligning who you are with how you communicate.

Valico will help you support high potentials to achieve their full potential by moving along the spectrum of behavior to become either a better listener or a more directed leader. If they are great at connecting with employees and clients but have a hard time standing up for themselves or their ideas, We can help them. If they are overly directed and driven and have a hard time connecting with direct reports and clients, this too can be improved.

Using theater techniques in creativity borrowed from Keith Johnstone’s improvisation teachings, skills in training the voice from people like Kristin Linklater as well as awareness of the body’s affect on communication. The goal is to give high potentials the skills needed to have a greater impact on the people around them, either by learning to be more open and engaging when speaking or by increasing their presence in a group setting.

While other groups might focus on the system wherein you work or on generic tools for better communication, Valico deals with the behavior of the individuals within the system where they work and empowers them to be a more effective communicator and leader within the organization.

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