Become a more inspirational and resonant leader by fully aligning who you are with how you communicate.

The Project Scope

For the past year, Seth has been contracted by PharmApprove to be a Presentation coach for scientists, doctors and statisticians in the pharmaceutical industry who are preparing for their FDA hearings. Seth works with a team of specialists at PharmApprove who have the experience and tools to bring a company’s team together and give them the skills they need to have the biggest impact on their FDA hearing. Seth works specifically as a coach for the presenters and the moderators, teaching them how to be clear, confident and credible when speaking and answering questions. The work combines one-on-one coaching with practiced facilitation of both the presentations and the Q&A in front of a mock panel. PharmApprove is one of the leaders in effectively delivering success to a company on the day of their hearing.

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