Become a more inspirational and resonant leader by fully aligning who you are with how you communicate.

If you are interested in raising your status in a meeting or a presentation, then simply do what royalty and majestic animals do…

be still.

There is a direct correlation between the quietness in a person’s movements and how people receive their status in a room.  Herky, jerky movements tend to lower our status, giving people the impression that we are nervous or are unsure of ourselves.

When we see clips of the Royal family, they are always still (almost to the point of being stiff), which allows their physical presence to reflect their station in life.

Royalty - Trooping the Colour Ceremony - Buckingham Palace









Okay, so what if you don’t have the a nice red jacket with shiny medals to augment your status?

That’s the best part, you don’t need it. If you can just stay still, regardless of how you feel in your heart, you will be seen as someone with high status. This is why men who are “the silent type” are often thought of as being deep. Society likes to project great wisdom on them because they are so quiet.

The key is in how we are still. Look at how each of the family members above holds his/her body (except for maybe Charles in this picture, who always seems to be photographed ducking his head).  Be unafraid to be seen, fill the space with your shoulders and trust that your presence is enough.

The next time you have to speak at a meeting, or present to a group, try thinking of yourself as the proverbial duck swimming on a still pool of water. (Corny? Yeah, but it works.) What we see is the calm of the duck and serenity of the pond. Who cares that she is furiously paddling underneath the water? What matters in terms of presence is that we trust how our bodies are being received.

Give it a try and notice how people treat you differently.


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