Become a more inspirational and resonant leader by fully aligning who you are with how you communicate.

The range of leadership can swing from domineering and demanding managers who struggle to connect and inspire peers and direct reports to the engaging and enrolling manager that everyone likes but who struggles with good boundaries and strong leadership presence.  There is no perfect manager and a quick overview of successful leaders throughout the business world illustrates the wide range of what makes a leader successful in her company.  What is true is that leaders who are too much on one end or the other of the spectrum are often challenged to get the most out of their talents.

At Valico, we help leaders find ways to authentically incorporate the skills needed to be a more effective and impactful leader, regardless which side of the spectrum they fall.

Examples of leaders:

The “General”:

These types of leaders are great when it comes to accountability, perseverance and confidence for specific goals of the organization, but they can often suffer from the perception that they are aloof, disconnected or arrogant. The more that a leader of this kind can understand when and how to be empathetic, open and non-judgmental, the more successful he will be in motivating and inspiring his team to be intrinsically motivated to help the company improve and grow. Valico excels at helping leaders who are smart, successful and exceptional at their job, by offering both self-awareness and tools for empathy and connecting with an audience. With these skills, good managers quickly become exceptional leaders in their organization.

The “Connecter”:

These types of leaders are excellent at building coalitions, gaining trust of their subordinates and listening without judgment. They are often well-liked, if not always well-respected by their peers and senior staff. Leaders like this are often recognized by the company for being smart and exceptional at what they do, but they would like them to become more like the “General” in the way that they conduct themselves in meetings and in front of audiences. Valico is successful in helping leaders of this kind find their own authentic and resonant voice by identifying the obstacles that get in the way and empowering them to align their words with their verbal and non-verbal communication. Leaders who are naturally good at empathy thrive when they understand how to be more directed and have more presence among peers and senior executives. The company also benefits from their self-actualization and greater self-awareness.

There is, of course, a wide range beyond just these two examples and no two leaders are exactly alike. If you are looking for greater awareness, the ability to connect to any audience and the freedom to be yourself in your work, then Valico is the place for you.

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