Become a more inspirational and resonant leader by fully aligning who you are with how you communicate.

What we do

Deliver credibility.

“When a leader triggers resonance, you can read it in people’s eyes: They’re engaged and they light up.”

-Goleman, Boyatzis and McKee; Primal Leadership

Only 7% is content.

According to Dr. Mehrabian’s study on communication in 1967, the content of what we say is only accountable for 7% of why we are liked (or trusted). 38% is attributable to tone of voice or verbal factors and 55% of it to non-verbal communication (body language, eye contact).

Our focus is to give you the skills and awareness to access your body and voice in such a way that they align perfectly with your vision and your passion. You become not only a clearer communicator but a beacon for your organization.

The result is less stress, better outcomes and greater satisfaction.


Give a team specific skills and confidence to

  • Present information with clarity and conciseness
  • Effectively handle a Q&A session, regardless of the situation or audience
  • Be better at executive communication and listening
  • Break free from an old frame into a new way of doing business
  • Give better feedback to direct reports
  • Manage emotions and navigate sticky situations
  • Speak with resonance and have more presence

We tailor our workshops to fit the needs of each group, helping identify what they would like to improve and offering specific tools and a process to get there. Valico does not use a cookie cutter approach to working with groups, nor are these remedial programs. These workshops are for companies who are eager to make significant and bold changes to their cultures, their communication styles and their ability to collaborate and persuade. The core of the work comes from acting exercises that are designed to help people become more aware of their body language, their voice and their intentions when speaking in groups or working collaboratively with a peer.

These are leadership classes for exceptional teams and should not be thought of as remedial public speaking training.

One on One coaching

Executive Training:

For executives who are looking to improve their presence and have more of an “executive voice,” one-on-one coaching is the best way to quickly and effectively make a change. Using simple theater techniques that look at body language, voice and intention, we are able to help leaders have more authority, confidence and presence regardless of the situation or the audience. Leaders who are good at empathy and connecting sometimes struggle with their authority and their presence. A Valico coach can help improve your communication style and your overall impact while keeping your strengths in place. (Usually 8-10 sessions, 3-4 hours per session over a course of several months.)

For those executives who have so much confidence that they may be perceived as arrogant or difficult, one-on-one coaching allows them to learn empathy, executive listening skills and more open body language. The goal is to soften their behavior and the communication style while keeping their drive and high expectations intact. The better they are at connecting with employees, clients, peers and superiors, the more effective they will be as leaders. Don’t let a behavioral style and a misunderstanding of body language and tone get in the way of being more effective. (Usually 8-10 sessions, 3-4 hours per session over a course of several months.)

High Potentials:

One of the biggest challenges for up and coming leaders is their ability to communicate details at a high level and to demonstrate a physical presence in a room. Coaching can make a significant improvement in those high potential employees who need help whether it involves being a better listener in meetings, speaking with confidence in groups, presenting data more effectively or generally resonating calm in any situation. In coaching sessions we work with the individual on having more awareness and control over their body language, emotions and voice. We also offer ways to be more succinct when speaking, give the overview before the details and take feedback. (Usually 6-8 sessions two hours a session over a period of several months.)


Seth Rigoletti, the founder of Valico, gives talks on a variety of topics that relate to communication and leadership, using his experience as a TEDx speaker coach, presentation coach, actor and teacher. The focus is less on the why we should be better at communication and more on the how we can improve. He touches on recent brain research and studies in communication, but the focus is primarily on how our body language, our thoughts and our voice can either improve or obstruct our message and our ability to connect. Each keynote can include small group workshops for a select few who would like to work on their communication skills.

  • Presentations and Public speaking
  • Communicating your value or the value of your company
  • Improving executive listening skills
  • The connection between body language and communication
  • How to be an authentic leader
  • Communication as inspiration
  • Boldness, courage and vulnerability in leadership
  • How to give a better pitch

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