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  • My friend and fellow coach John Brubaker recently sent this recent NYT article about Yoplait yogurts search for an authentic self and wanted to know what I thought about it. The gist of the article is this: Yoplait feels like market share is being devoured by companies like Chobani (I wrote about Hamdi Ulukaya here) […]

  • What does it even mean to lead with humility? Do we even want that? Despite studies and Harvard Business Review articles that support and promote humility in leadership, and best-selling business books like Great by Choice, Emotional Intelligence and Leaders Eat Last, which promote the importance of humility in leadership, we are still enthralled by the […]

  • I recently finished acting in a production of an original play. This is the first play I have acted in since 2009. It was exciting to get back on stage and wrestle again with words, dive into a character and collaborate with other creative people. The script, set and blocking (where to go on stage) […]

  • If you watched the Comey testimony in front of the Senate committee on Thursday, you saw a few important lessons about communication and keeping your credibility and authority in a stressful setting. I don’t think that it matters what your politics are, this is an historical testimony. There is tremendous drama around this hearing and […]

  • Are you being the person you want to be? Are you being kind? Are you being honest? Are you being trustworthy? (Are you being evil?) More importantly how do the people in your life perceive you as being in any given moment? What sort of feedback have you received from your managers, your peers, your […]

  • Today the news is all abuzz over United Airlines forcibly removing a passenger off of their airplane after he refused to leave. Apparently the flight was overbooked and four passengers were selected to be taken off of the flight, but one of them refused to leave. He was physically removed from the flight and the […]

  • What do Ann Richards, Rodin, Hamdi Ulukaya, Wilbert L. Gore and Maria Grazia Chiuri have in common? Answer: they are all weirdos. (Oh, and John Ritter. He’s a weirdo, too.) Or at least they are all different from the society around them. The key is that they were able to take that difference and make […]

  • Have you ever walked into a meeting and immediately felt anxious? If you are like the rest of us, you probably start thinking of all the things that you have to be anxious about. Maybe you remember that Bob from accounting is there today and often asks tough questions about your budget, or perhaps you […]

  • Trump is manipulating people with his communication style, and I do not approve. In my coaching work, I strive to help leaders be clearer about their intentions, more authentic in their communication and more resonant in their presence. What President Trump is doing with communication, however, is dangerous, manipulative and disorienting and no matter what […]

  • I have written a few times about the workshop I did with Keith Johnstone so you may recall me mentioning his work in improvisation and performance before. This post is another reference to a request that he made that continues to rumble through my mind. He said to us on the first day, “I ask […]

  • Do you feel like you are stuck? Stuck in your career, stuck in your relationships or stuck in your own growth? If so, good for you for being awake. While feeling stuck is not fun, knowing that you are stuck allows you to do something about it. Knowing is the first step to being able […]

  • I have had a few responses to my last post Stop Trying So Hard that centered around two questions: What about practice? What’s wrong with pushing for excellence? I love these questions because they point to both the paradox of the message behind trying too hard and trying to improve our skills. I made the title […]

  • “I had the great fortune to work with Seth in preparation for a TEDx talk. While I have given hundreds of speeches in the last several years, I still found myself scribbling down notes on everything he said. Seth has the unusual ability to go immediately to the essence of what you want to communicate and bring it to life. He does this by adjusting everything from the words, to the emotion and the way you move, all to make you more grounded, more comfortable and more effective at delivering that story or message.”

    —Karen Mills, Served in President Obama’s cabinet as the Administrator of the U.S. Small Business Administration from 2009-2013; Senior Fellow at the Harvard Business School

  • "I worked with Seth as a speaker coach while preparing for a TEDx talk. Seth has that special ability to make you feel comfortable while he encourages you to be more open, and the result is more clarity about both your idea and your own presence."

    — John Coleman, CEO and Founder, The VIA Agency

  • "As an HR leader, I cannot speak highly enough about Seth and the value he has brought to key leaders in our organization. Seth is extremely credible, engaging, and authentic and through his coaching expertise and style has been an invaluable resource in helping our leaders realize their potential."

    — Zach Nelson, Global Head of Leadership and Organizational Development

  • "I found myself amazed at the number of 'pearls' he could share in 50 minutes on understanding yourself and others when it comes to communicating on the job in a healthcare setting."

    —Robin L. Perry, MD Chairman and Chief, Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology at Cooper University Hospital

  • Seth has a crazy ability to both synthesize and magnify messages simultaneously.  He provides the tools to filter your communication down to its naked truth, and the confidence for you to shout it out loud.  Seth helped me get ready for a TEDx talk. The talk was surprisingly well received.  I owe that to Seth and his coaching.

    —John Rooks, President The SOAP Group

  • "Seth is masterful at what he does, and I recommend him highly to anyone who wants to be a more effective leader and a more compelling speaker."

    —Ted O'Meara, Managing Principal, Garrand

  • "Seth has been a superb partner in our development work at L.L. Bean."

    —Joe Surace, Learning Design Consultant at L.L. Bean