Become a more inspirational and resonant leader by fully aligning who you are with how you communicate.

While I recognize that being bold isn’t easy, I am beginning to come to the conclusion that it is so much less work than being small.

How often do we hold back, afraid to let people see our true selves, all for the purpose of being safe?

How many times do we second-guess ourselves before we speak or take action because we are struck with the terrible feeling that what we say and what we do might be wrong?

What do we lose by not bringing our full selves to our work, our communication and our lives? What do other people lose by not getting a clear signal from us?

I have come to the conclusion that it takes a ridiculous amount of energy to stay safe and try to control how the world perceives you and what you do.

I’m not talking about the arrogant blowhard type of bold either because that is about trying to be “big” by making others small. I’m talking about the kind of courage it takes to speak from the heart, own what you know and what you do. I’m talking about the power that comes from claiming your right to be here.

And it does take courage. Ask any artist who has had to stare at the blank canvas or the blank page and attempted to capture the images or thoughts in their heads, wrestle it to the page and deliver it in a way that people can receive it.

So, take a step in the direction of bold. Figure out one thing that you want to say or do and decide to say or do it. When the demons of fear and regret raise their heads, shoo them away. Trust that what we want from you is nothing less than all of you. The more present and generous you can be with yourself, the easier and more effortless your communication will be.

And the more free you will feel.

Let’s be bold. Fill our space. Claim our voice and be heard.

What are we waiting for?

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