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If you are unhappy at work, feel dissatisfied with your life path, or struggle to speak from an authentic place, then you are most likely ready for a change.

If you are waiting for that change to come to you in some divine form (a promotion, a new relationship, an absence of conflict), then you may be waiting for a long time.

Or rather, that change will come but not at all in the form that you want it to take. (Getting fired, relationship breaking up, etc…)

If you are someone who carries fear in her heart, now is the time. All it takes is courage and a belief that you are better off living your truth than in passively waiting for something to come along and save you. A belief that a more authentic you is a happier you.

If you are seeking more from your life and aren’t sure where to start, here are three starting places that I recommend.

1. Become aware of your behavior: The trouble with passivity is that it can feel like everything is happening to you. This is not the case. Understanding the opportunities that you let go by without speaking your truth or saying what is in your heart will help you see how you are choosing to be stuck.

2. Learn about your heart: When we suppress ourselves for such a long time, we begin to lose sight of who we are and what we really want. We become used to looking to others (or blaming others) for not understanding us. Nobody can tell you who you are. Take the time to know yourself.

3. Take action: These might be small steps at first, but any action that you take that breaks you out of your passive habits will help (and will be difficult enough as it is). It can be scary to change behavior because then we have to take responsibility for our actions and our life. We can no longer pretend that the day is made up of unconscious choices, as if we were asleep.

Support: If you have unresolved family issues or depression, then a therapist is might be the first step. If you are just caught in a rut (which can feel like depression) and need some guidance getting out, then a coach can help you become more self-aware and offer new behaviors in its place.

The fact is that there is no reason to wait. Now is the the time to open our eyes and live the life we are meant to live. We can be happier, freer and more present once we accept the responsibility and power of living our own life.

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