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Helping speakers celebrate innovation and creativity in Maine

The Project Scope

Valico was a sponsor for the 2011 TEDxDirigo event and Seth has been a Speaker Coach for the past four years.  Some of the speakers that Seth has worked with include Habib Dagher (University of Maine), John Rooks (SOAP Group), Susan Conley (Author and Founder of The Telling Room), Chellie Pingree (U.S. Congress), Phuc Tran, John Coleman (CEO of VIA) and Karen Mills (former Head of Small Business Administration) as well as others (click here for a list of speakers). The speakers benefited from one-on-one coaching, speaker training and message work to help them refine their talk, clarify their ideas and inspire their audience. The expectation for speakers at TEDxDirigo is that they all have a professional quality and a clear, impactful message. The coaching process is both rigorous and informal, leading the speaker to give a powerful talk while making an authentic connection with the audience. [ all photographs © Michael Eric Berube ]
“Seth has a crazy ability to both synthesize and magnify messages simultaneously.  He provides the tools to filter your communication down to its naked truth, and the confidence for you to shout it out loud.” —John Rooks, President, The SOAP Group

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