Become a more inspirational and resonant leader by fully aligning who you are with how you communicate.

Who we are

Resonant leadership through customized coaching

Seth Rigoletti

Seth Rigoletti is passionate about helping people get the clarity they need so that they can have the impact they want. He has coached individuals and teams to be engaging presenters, taught workshops on communication and leadership, and given presentations on better leadership presence. He excels at transforming the complex into simplicity and confusion into clarity.

Regardless of how challenging the obstacles might be, if the client is interested in change and willing to do the work, then Valico is the right company. Learn to be more than just a manager of people. Become a better leader today.

“Gifted leadership occurs where heart and head–feeling and thought–meet.”

-Daniel Goleman, Richard Boyatzis, Annie McKee; Primal Leadership


One client remarks:

Seth has a crazy ability to both synthesize and magnify messages simultaneously.  He provides the tools to filter your communication down to its naked truth, and the confidence for you to shout it out loud.  Seth helped me get ready for a TEDx talk. The talk was surprisingly well received.  I owe that to Seth and his coaching.

– John Rooks, President The SOAP Group



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